среда, 25 июля 2007 г.


What an interesting couple of days I've had! We, of the Save Crichton Campus campaign group, have been trying to think of ways to keep the campaign going during the summer holidays. So Bob suggested setting up a group on Facebook, 'do it' I said, and he did. On Monday he patiently set up a group, using my profile, on facebook called Save Glasgow University at Crichton Campus and I set about inviting people to join. I got six members in a few hours and then one of them noticed we'd spelt Crichton wrong! So, as I couldn't edit the title, we had to scrap that group and set up a new one yesterday. Then Bob noticed that Gordon Brown, our new Prime Minister, had joined the facebook community so he invited him to be his friend. Gordon accepted. Bob then invited Mr. Brown to join our group. This morning when I got up Bob rather excitedly told me to check the group page, before I'd even had a cup of tea. I put the kettle on then went to my computer.

There in the members section of the group was, da-da-da, Gordon Brown!!!!! How cool is that? Of only two groups our P. M. has joined one of them is ours. What a scoop. It seems that he is a truly egalitarian Prime Minister interested in keeping education available to everyone. Lets hope the money men take note.

I'm afraid with all this activity I still haven't got round to writing up my hike diary for this blog yet but hope to get it done at some point soon. I know some of you want to know about the baby frog plague. Meanwhile here is a photograph of the four key walkers in our finest at the Graduation Ball.

We are (clockwise from bottom left) Wendy, hike co-ordinator; Robert; Bob and me.

You won't believe the problems I had with that dress but at least it was long enough to hide my hugely puffed up ankles and feet.